Domain T-Shirts

A good sense of humour and domain passion don’t always accompany each other.

But when they do – it’s a heck lot more fun for all the family!

A novel self-introduction, a marketing tool for your personal website, where you have full control over eyeballs it attracts with an instant feedback loop in a form of a wink response?

What is it?

Say hello to Domain T-Shirt.

We had our creative ideas flowing and decided to inject some fun into otherwise monochromic domain auctioning process. A catchy original image printed on an self-presenting canvas to compliment your one and only domain. What else it needs, if not one and only t-shirt, to see and be seen?

3 snappy domains and 3 unique t-shirt designs are here now to wish for in a first-ever domain t-shirt auction:

Classy, fun and guaranteed to attract attention to the bearer. Forget Tinder – wear your own domain name anyone can visit and you’ll be swiped in no time into the right direction;-)

Have phun!

Wanted: a dude from Copy It Digital?

I am trying to determine the identity of a user who attempted to inflate price in the auction.

He has signed up with a name “Tom Scott Lee”, e-mail using anonymous provider Anonymous e-mail sign-ups have been prohibited on DomainLore for a while, but some rare domain names aren’t yet made it to the blacklist.

He has used remote VPN connection, connecting via servers of a Norwich-based company “Copy It Digital Solutions Ltd”, trading from

It is unlikely that he is not related to the company, to have VPN access to it’s internal network.

Here is the pic of the whole office:
is he among them

Is there a domainer among them?

Perhaps, you can recognise the number? 07501595157

Any info is wanted!
E-mail me your leads (your privacy and anonymity is paramount) or post in the comments if you fancy.